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While working in the stand-building industry, founder Jakob Ulcnik witnessed challenges the industry is facing on a daily basis. Lack of transparency in the stand-building industry, among other obstacles, brings a heavy load on stakeholders involved.

‘At the end of the day everyone just wants to get paid’

In April 2017, Jakob decided to take a step forward and addressed challenges by building an online platform together with founder Tibor Strausz. Platform is going to make the process of supply and demand in building of stands secure and reliable. After months of meetings with stakeholders, we genuinely feel that standBystand is a solution that offers a qualitative and accountable means to find the projects or Freelancers in stand-building industry.
Whether you are a stand-building company (Client) or a Freelancer looking for work, you shouldn’t feel constrained to take jobs you are not comfortable with, simply because you feel there are no other option! standBystand is designed to allow companies find dedicated and trustworthy Freelancers for their projects via the platform. As for Freelancers, you will have the opportunity to view these jobs and make decisions about where and when you want to work.
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 As Freelancer using standBystand platform you will have the ability to work for Clients you want to / when you want to. Work with your mates and be hired as team. 

As Client using standBystand you will hire Freelancers that have been screened and more importantly evaluated by the fellow stand-building companies out there.
“standBystand will rejuvenate the process of stand-building by bringing together supply and demand via the platform in a transparent, efficient and accountable fashion.”
“Software as solution providing supply and demand in stand-building industry throughout the globe by 2020, connecting the world of stand-building.”
It’s time to automate the stand-building supply and demand experience rather than relying on endless phone calls and email threads. standBystand is committed to helping Clients and Freelancers connect efficiently and professionally by having smooth experience in hiring, payments, overview and reviews among each other.
At standBystand, we strive to provide the best innovative solution to the Freelance stand-building hiring process! We are seeking for opportunities to open the borders and allow Clients and Freelancers the chance to build International network as we expand into the greater European and global market.
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Marketing Intern

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