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Before being able to use the platform one of standBystand representatives will get in touch with you, after that your account will be activated and you’re set to apply for a project.

Don’t worry on the back-end we can usually spot a mistake, you will either have to register again or we will transfer your account into client account.

As a freelancer you are responsible for your own reliability as professional which means yes you can cancel the project but you do however need to find a substitute that is equal in skills.

We pay you within 48h after the client has paid us.

You can use the whatsapp group of standBystand where you can post that you need someone to substitute you. If you aren’t in the group yet sent email with request “add to whatsapp group”.

Yes you do but keep in mind that you are your own boss and should therefore also take responsibility as one.

It can happen to everyone of us, make sure you start looking for substitute in time and inform us at Primarily it is your own responsibility to find a substitute if all else fails get in touch with us.

Generally speaking all the information should be in the project details, if you need more information you can request for more information by WhatsApp on telephone number +316 14470438

We would highly advise you to get one not only for your own safety but you probably might not get hired for the project as clients do not want to having risks.

Yes under certain circumstances, every country has their own rules you need to fulfill in order to work there legally! For start you should head over to SVB ( and start a process to request A1 form.

Most likely you did not get selected for the project. There could be many reasons why (clients found a more suitable freelancer, your profile is not filled in 100% etc.) but don’t worry there are plenty other projects.

Yes, you can form teams with fellow freelancers which means that you will be able to apply for the projects together.

We take this matter very seriously and will prior to the project screen every client. However if it happens that client didn’t pay we'll take appropriate measures (incasso, legal).

Switching project for whatever reason is always tricky. We highly advise you to avoid switching projects in other words become ‘project hopper’. Having that stigma around you as a professional freelancer will not help you build credibility.

How nice it is that you and your buddy can work together on projects and travel through Europe and who knows maybe even world.        

As much as we understand the issue, it happens that projects are finished ahead of time. Unfortunately there is no compensation if a project is finished ahead of schedule unless there are extreme situations. In that case you can get in touch with us at .

Beginner stand-builder
You are handy, have worked with wood have basic equipment but have hardly ever build a stand before or never. You are freelancer that asks one to many question, but don’t worry we have all been there once.

You have sufficient tool to build stands and have build stands for at least 1-2 years on regular base. Worked for several different client are capable of reading drawings and can work with basic guidance

All-around stand-builder
You have reached the ultimate level of stand-builder, you have all the necessary tools to build stands and no task is too big for you. You’ve probably traveled through the whole of Europe building stands and you always know someone that is working on the project.

Being hobby painter or painter painting homes is not the same as painting stands. Note that you need to understand the flow and process of stand-building. Your skills need to be in realm of painting, plamuur, shuren to name a few.

Upholsterer/ stoffeerder
A thin line between event and stand-building industry is upholsterer, sometimes for stand-building project stands will have to be covered with black fabric. Your skills should be working fast and tacking fabric tight without any folds let alone holes. 

Project manager
Being hired as project manager for a stand-building company you can expect at least that the first time you will have to go and meet the client in person. But to call yourself a project manager you will need extensive mileage and years of experience.

You are in possession of driver license for bigger trucks and you are able to do stand-building or simply just drive from point A and B you can apply for those jobs as well.

It all starts in the workshop and oftentimes clients need freelancers to assist. Most of the time for this type of projects you do need advanced carpentry skills unless otherwise stated in the project information. 

It is important that your friend is registered on the platform as well or gets registered as soon as possible. Our software can only work with registered freelancers.

Watch the video for exactly how does it work  furthermore, when first coming to the platform nobody but you knows what your skills are, qualities and so forth. In order to avoid confusion we make it essential for you to provide at least 3 former employees preferably from stand-building world where we can do background check. 

By going to and clicking ‘I am a client’ you press ‘blue button(s) ‘register’ or ‘get started’.

Before being able to use the platform one of standBystand representatives will get in touch with you, after that your account will be activated and you’re set to create a project.

Once you are registered, your account is activated and you’re logged in click menu on top right hand side. Small window will open then click on the project. Click on the blue button create a new project. For detailed overview please look at the video

  • You need to pay attention that all fields with red marking are green
  • Start time or end time MUST be separated with :

Yes you can delete a project but note deleting project:


72 hours prior to the start of the project 25% of the first day is compensated

48 hours prior to the start of the project 50% of the first day is compensated

24 hours prior to the start of the project 100% of the first day is compensated

If freelancer does not look for substitute that matches the skills and mentality in timely manner that freelancer will get a strike and notification on his profile visible to all clients therefore making it difficult to get hired for next projects and different clients (sense of responsibility and accountability) . After 3 times freelancer is denied access to the platform.

You are able to change a freelancer if done before 72 hours prior to project taking place.

Yes you can however project creation, posting, invoicing, review always needs to go via standBystand platform.

Yes you will get email notification for every freelancer that applied for specific project.

Clicking on the menu you select position. A new window opens in there you can see ‘your positions un-matched’. That means those requested freelancers for specific project have not yet been selected.

On top right side of the page select button toggle, now page changes into ‘your positions matched’, here you can see all the freelancers that are pre-selected by standBystand for your project.

We developed a rating system that initially starts with freelancer giving 3 former employees that standBystand checks. Based on that freelancer gets initial rating, from that point on you are able to rate the freelancer based on performance.

No, it is absolutely essential that you rate freelancer.

Deadline of 5 days after the project is finished freelancers need to submit their hours.


In the menu you click on declaration where all declarations are visible. Pay attention on the status ‘approved by freelancer’ or ‘new’. Only when status is changed to ‘approved by freelancer’ you take action by looking through declaration.

If you agree with worked hours simply click ‘confirm’. On the other hand if you don’t agree with hours press ‘disagree’ and fill in hours that you think freelancer worked.


After both freelancers and clients agree on hours automatic invoice will be produced and sent to all parties. Invoice is  visible by clicking ‘menu’ section and invoices.

Note only in extreme cases are you able to file complaint to change or edit declaration once accepted.

Look at the video for how to:

In the menu section press invoices, there you will see overview of the invoices, status of the invoices etc.

Payment of the invoices needs to take place in 14 days if for whatever reason you fail to pay the invoice in 14 days freelancers might get in touch with you.


Payment of invoices in 14 days will assure you high likeability and reliability on the platform.

Whole process of invoicing is automated. Invoices are first of all grouped on project base and generated 5 days after. In the filter section you are able to select whether you want to see invoices based on weeks, months etc.

Note every invoice needs to have a unique number or PO number.

As much as we strive for automation we are still here and present for support if needed. In cases of cancelations or last minute changes we will provide support to resolve an issue as fast as possible and make your project a success over and over again.

In order to make your process easier and even more efficient you can select freelancers in your flex pool where they will be automatically selected for your project whenever they apply for open position.

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