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Specify your working skills as the clients are most of the times looking for freelancers with different expertises. Not sure how to classify yourself? Select one or more of the following items:

Adding positions to your profile

Beginner stand builder

You are handy, but have never or hardly ever build a stand before. You have basic equipment.


You have build stands for at least 1-2 years on a regular base and you worked for several different clients before. Reading drawings and working with basic guidance is no problem for you. You have sufficient tools to build stands.

Allround stand-builder

This is the ultimate level you can reach as a stand-builder. You’ve gained experience in building stands throughout Europe and you have all the necessary tools to build them.

Project manager

To classify yourself as a project manager means to have years of experience in the industry. Note that, for an ideal collaboration, being hired as a project manager involves a first meeting with the client before starting the project.


Your skills are in the realm of painting, paint plaster, sanding etc. You understand and are experienced in the process of stand-building.


Often clients already need freelancers to assist in the garage. For these types of projects you mostly need advanced carpentry skills unless otherwise stated in the project information.


You have a driver’s license for bigger trucks and are experienced in stand-building. You can also apply for jobs to solely drive from A and B.


You are specialized in fixing fabrics and covers in open spaces. You understand and have experience in the processes of stand.building.

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