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Profile overview


Show your clients what you got! 

They like to know what to expect from you. Thus, it is crucial that you fill in as much information about your skills as possible. It will increase your chances of being hired for projects. 

What does the project overview in your profile entail?


Fill in the years of experience you have working in the industry. Based on that, the amount of your payment varies. This means in other words, after a few years of working experience, you can ask a higher hourly pay. The same applies vice versa, less experience means lower payment per hour. 


Let your client whether you have a driver’s license or not. It might be expected for a particular project. 


Filling in your location helps clients with calculating their expenses and making the right choices regarding the ideal freelancer for their project. 


Adding your language skills is important considering your communication with the client. Little advice: set up your profile in English as it improves your chances to get in touch with international clients. 

Usually, most of the freelancers are insured. Yet, this is your own choice. The chance of not getting a project when not insured is given. Therefore, we advise you to be insured, not only for your own safety, but also because clients tend to not take risks.


Feel free to add a supplementary description about yourself. This might entail your working philosophy or similar. 

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