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Once successfully posted your project the freelancers can make an offer on the open position(s). Your desired fee functions as a guideline. The freelancers can either agree with your proposal or fill in their desired fee. 

You will receive an email once a freelancer has made an offer. See under ‘positions’ which positions are open and which match. Click ‘match’ to select the freelancers for the particular positions. 

Go to the Matching screen

Details about the offer

Listed as thumbnails, you will see the freelancers estimated offer. Position your cursor over it to view the exact calculation.

Viewing the entire profile

By clicking their names you can view their entire profile.

Drag & Drop to match

Drag & drop a freelancer on an open position to select. You make it definite by pressing save. By clicking save you accept the offer and the freelancer will receive a confirmation email.

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