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Create a new project

You have a new project coming up? Post it as soon as possible to get your ideal freelancers!

When creating a new project, add sufficient information about the project details in order to facilitate communication with your freelancers. Note that by creating a new project you agree on the payment terms to standBystand within 14 days.

How to create a project

Project Details

Contact details

Fill in the contact details either of the project manager or the responsible person on the spot. Add a project code for correct processing causes. 

Location address

Type in the venue’s name to select the right address. 


Specify what type of freelancer you are looking for and announce they hourly wage you are willing to pay for the particular position. You can add multiple (differing) positions per project.

Date and time

Announce the dates and expected times your project is taking place.

Other payments

Determine whether there is a travel rate per hour, km or a daily allowance and specify the particular amount.


Add extra information about the venue that could be of importance for your freelancers, such as entrance details and the like. Furthermore, select the specific stand type your freelancer will be building. 

Cancellation policy

Choose your own cancellation policy between flexible, standard or strict. When applying for a project, the freelancer automatically agrees with the chosen method. 

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